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Raizo captured by taimaninfan29 Raizo captured :icontaimaninfan29:taimaninfan29 1 0 Youre safe with men by taimaninfan29 Youre safe with men :icontaimaninfan29:taimaninfan29 5 0 Sorry Seiya,your goddess is with another Stallion by taimaninfan29 Sorry Seiya,your goddess is with another Stallion :icontaimaninfan29:taimaninfan29 4 0 Midnight Love by taimaninfan29 Midnight Love :icontaimaninfan29:taimaninfan29 5 0 A deal between Snakes by taimaninfan29 A deal between Snakes :icontaimaninfan29:taimaninfan29 5 0 Raizo Kodo (lines) by taimaninfan29 Raizo Kodo (lines) :icontaimaninfan29:taimaninfan29 5 0 Taimanin Asagi OC-Raizo Kodo by taimaninfan29 Taimanin Asagi OC-Raizo Kodo :icontaimaninfan29:taimaninfan29 6 0 Taimanin Konoha Cover by taimaninfan29 Taimanin Konoha Cover :icontaimaninfan29:taimaninfan29 9 4


So after several pics and a ton of femdom porn i think ill be putting raizo in some peculiar moments.

Anyone wants to share or give ideas for future femdom raizo moments
Raizo captured
Cut version of the full artwork which is NSFW for this site.
For full image it wil be on my Tumblr or Hentai Foundry page.

I got a thing for characters in peryl situations so i may return to thsi kind of scene in the future.

A great commission by :iconsats-vanbrand:
Youre safe with men
I never like how Aishwarya Ray died either on the eroge or the adaptation.
She was one of the main reasons why i loved AnneRose and i consider her design very well by Kagami.
Raizo saving her makes it a perfect endinding as he now has a Aishwarya Ray in his collection for future battles.

A great commission done by the magnificent :iconangy89: 

Sorry Seiya,your goddess is with another Stallion
Ive been a big fan of Saint Seiya since a kid, it actually introduced me to anime and it was the most hardcore thing i`ve seen back then.
So as a tribute ive decided to have my oc become the new Pegasus and take the goddess to be rewarded better than a red plumber gets from a pink dressed princess.
Mmmhh that gives me an idea for the next commissions.

A great commission done by the magnificent :iconangy89: 

Im considering a new setting for my oc,something more fantasy than modern tech ninja but with hentai being an important factor.
Normally i tend to keep to my self on certain manners but i need to break my solo mold considering im a bit of a loner with my peers.
Not sure if ill get views from this but its worth a shot.

As the tittle suggest i had to leave my PSVita after a year of memories that i have enjoyed, the sistem is a powerfull one .even stronger than the 3ds which im planning to get very soon.
The reason is that i felt i could get the same experience from my PS3, most of the PSV library are just ports of the ps3 and some of them arent very great . 
3DS on the other handhas tons of more selections for the games from all genres , but most important of all it make the handhel more unique than psvita with the library it has to offer.

The Vita failed due to being very overpowered than the 3d and tries to emulate the consoles directly, not once ive used the option to conect to the ps3 and barely used the browser (which had several limitations and some downloaded images became corrupt). I couldnt see the point of having two touch screens as it made the gameplay confusion and ackward. Nintendo may had to try over and over btu it finally has a small stick for the camera in the new 3ds model but the system works as it should . A mobile Handheld for games.

Ill be honest, i only bought the Vita for the DOAX game and was a mistake, its a great game to enjoy btu once should never buy a console for one game alone, you may have a great time enjoying it but once you look at the competition and see the multiple games avaible  youre being tempted until you switch to the next best thing .


taimaninfan29's Profile Picture
taimanin Raizo
This is the page for my Taimanin oc Raizo Kodo.

My objective is to work with many artist on bringing to life the most perverse and hentai adventures of a male Taimanin.
Just a heads up if you went here be sure to remvoe the adult filters from your profile since some of the artwork can be a bit , mature.

(current bio on the works)
Raizo Kodo bio is in the works but im managing on having him being a male clone from Oboro and loyalty being a bit mixed. He either fucks or gets fucked by many of the girls he encounters.

He is mostly a sub than domminant as i like to idea of the femdom theme on Taimanin Asagi or other hentai series. Ill also have some interesting crossovers with other series both Anime/Manga or Hentai as well.

I hope you stick and follow for the ride my friends because very soon this page will be filled to the brimm.

My other site


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Thankyou Kindly For The Watch :D
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Thank you for faving my Project: She-Hulk journal and for the comments. Hope you will spread the word about this to other Shulkie fans. =)

Project: She-Hulk (A Fan Proposal)
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Welcome to Deviantart! :thumbsup: Nice to see a fan of Taimanin Asagi, especially one with Edwin Black as their avatar/profile ID. While I dislike BDSM, rape, tentacles and simular kinks, I admit the female character in this series are hot. ;)
Well before I say ''goodbye'', I hope you know that Edwin Black is voiced by the badass Norio Wakamoto. Here's my proof:…
taimaninfan29 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
now that i didnt know of Blacks voice.
Taimanin Asagi is one series that gets more love from fans than lilith and i hope i can have fun with my male oc to give a new perspective.
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Chibi Onihime Small 2 by Tensa-Zangitsu  
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no prob, if i had the chance i would commission you one of these days
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